Forms & Documents


All completed forms need to be posted back to
31 Hospital Road
Mount Pleasant SA 5235

Download Biosecurity Form
  • To help us collate entries please PRINT all the forms and post them to our Entry Coordinator.
  • Camping space at Wirrina Cove Holiday Park is limited so we can only allow one site (10m x 15m) per horse. You cannot book extra sites for your caravan or gooseneck. Please remember to give the dimensions of vehicles on your application.
  • You must send in Rider and Horse Pre nomination forms with you Camp Site application. Camp sites will not be processed until this is done.


  • If you have multiple riders that are not yet confirmed, please put responsible person’s name on each sheet. This can be changed when entries are done on Thursday at Camp.
  • If you have multiple horses please name them if possible. If not please put Horse 1, Horse 2 etc. Names can be added later. If you need 5 sites you must pre-nominate 5 horses. You cannot ask for 5 sites but only nominate 1 horse.
  • Powered sites are   If you have more than 3 horses I suggest you pay for at least 2 powered sites to cover your needs. 1 power should be adequate for up to 3 horses.
  • SUMMARY – When you enter you must send a Rider pre-nomination and a Horse pre-nomination for each campsite requested. Only one Camp Application page is required though. You must pay a pre-nomination fee for every Rider/Horse entered. You must also pay for each campsite requested with pre-nominations.
  • Look forward to seeing you all at Wirrina Cove on July 7!